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The most advanced web operating system that can run on virtually any device.

ScriptOS History

ScriptOS development was started on May 28th, 2018. The idea for ScriptOS is based on that of OS.js and Windows93. It is a simple operating system that runs in a web browser. There are features we'd like to add, but we simply don't have the means nor the funding to do so.

There have been 5 major versions of ScriptOS so far. Script OS, Script OS 2.0, Script OS 3.0, ScriptOS 4, and ScriptOS 5.

The main goal we have for ScriptOS is for it to one day natively run on hardware rather than just in a web browser.

ScriptOS Demo

ScriptOS is really easy to use, click the button below to test the demo version.

Advantages of using ScriptOS


ScriptOS 5 has shown to be faster than other web operating systems such as macOS.

Power Usage

ScriptOS 5 uses far less power than macOS and is light weight as it is built entirely on JavaScript.

3rd Party App Development

allows all users to create apps for ScriptOS as they please with out having to pay any fees. Unlike macOS, building a third party app is easy and doesn't cost anything.


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